Bliss is your natural state

 … it’s the beautiful divine blanket you came wrapped in when you arrived here. It’s also the sublime serenity that we return to once we’re done… 

But more importantly, its the marvelous, sacred state we’re supposed to abide in – no matter what, in this beautiful life…

Hi beautiful soul, welcome to Bliss Lived.

This site is dedicated to helping you remember, recover, and recreate the bliss in your life, so that you can do and be who you came here to be. 

But you might be asking yourself… how can I start living blissfully when I don’t even remember what it’s like?

How can I BEGIN if I’m not even sure what bliss exactly, really IS?

Read on! 

What bliss is...

In it’s simplest form bliss is sublime existence, ultimate unshakeable joy, and dwelling in the FULL glory of what we all represent – the divine, the universe, and all the magick that’s possible.

For you, for me, for –

every. living. thing. 

If it’s what we are –  then, how can we be lead astray?

Life –  it can get us down,

being the pure spiritual energetic beings we are at our core – means that this earthly existence can be harsh, and really disrupt our true perfected forms. We can also forget and have trouble navigating the pre-planned 3D “lesson plans” and “experiences” we set out for ourselves.

Other “things” we may experience or come into contact with, can also be down right NOT what we meant for ourselves – yet we mistakenly attracted… We can also be thrown into mistaken co-creating or soul enmeshment relationships with people or beings, due to our sheer misalignment or  soul contracts (generational curses too!). 

Then there’s the larger, wonderful, collective tapestry we are a part of – and are playing purposeful roles in as part of our service in this existence. Things then may happen not like we hoped, but for the greater good instead, that we just cant see from our point of view (yet we can access through the help of our higher self and other methods). 

As a result a l l of these things – our bliss can get lost, and thrown off course; yet, at the same time be working in our favor to edge us towards bringing us back into b a l a n c e, truth, and well being. 

A paradox right?


While we’re supposed to face our challenges and experiences here on earth – what we’re NOT supposed to do is lose sight of our bliss which we oftentimes do… (and the joys along the way that show up to gently point us to it’s all encompassing direction…).

Sometimes things can get too difficult (serious life crises and conditions), and we need help getting unstuck and finding our way back. Bliss can feel out of reach or worse yet – like it’s completely GONE. Before we know it we have NO IDEA where we should go next (add to that sometimes having little desire to get up in the morning, shower, or even eat..). 

Thankfully others who have been there before can help, and this is why I’m here to help. I don’t claim to know all the answers – but I can share what I’ve learned and has helped me along my journey. 

The good news is that our cores never truly forget who we are and what our mission is… Deep inside we have a flickering flame that’s NEVER completely extinguished, and its what we will tap into and e x p a n d on during our time together (in spite of whatever may be happening around you). 

Feeling a little better already?

Great! I’m so glad. 

I created this site, and all of the offerings in it to help you get back to bliss EASILY + practically; so that you can bridge the gap between who you are now and who you’re meant to be. 

I’m a busy mom of 2, a modern mystic, wife, AND a homeschooling parent. I understand how chaotic our modern lives can be, and how it could easily make it seem like doing inner/outer work is  impossible to get to… KNOW that everything I share and have personally done – has been during all of these life factors (and a few more that pointed me to where I needed healing too).  Therefore, I want to encourage you that you DO have the time to do this even if you think you don’t.  What you can’t do is wait any longer. 

In other instances we may be feeling just too stressed out, tired, or hopeless (especially if we’re caretaking or battling illness or other extreme life circumstances for awhile now..). 

I understand that too. 

Try it in spite of those feelings.

I remember when I was having a really hard time climbing out of a dark place I found myself in a few years ago – but, by some miracle I found that glimmer of light within me, and thanks to Spirit, my ancestors, the divine flowing within me –  and some amazing teachers that showed up for me too and held out their hand, I made it out. 

I took the invitation to grow, even though it felt scary and even though I didn’t know if it would help.  I set out on my own spiritual path just like you’re doing right now.

Here are the tools that helped me and some that I created (and am continuing to create) along the way. I hope it helps you in your new journey (you can read more details about my story here). 

Are you excited about getting back to bliss?!

Let’s get started! Here are 3  ways to get going. 

21 Day Back to Basics Bliss Video Training Series

Burst Back Into Bliss Printable

9 Day Energy Rebalance Course

9 Day Rebalance Your Energy Course

Ready to dive deeper into your bliss journey? Join me for a 9 day online course where we’ll re-balance our energy centers, audit our living environments, and discover other ways to increase our energy or ase. 

Join the waitlist: blisslived@gmail.com to be notified of when it’s released. 


Hi I’m Stefanie. I’m  an NJ blissful living coach, creator, and writer. I’m a home educating mother of 2, and wife to Eddie my twin soul flame of 12 years.  

I’m a Libra Sun, Cancer Rising, and Pisces Moon – who loves pouring nuturing, balance, beauty, and magick … into everything offer, to help others re-connect to their bliss, and live a life they love.  


“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso