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10 Things I Did To Manifest My New Dream House

I became a homeowner at the age of 25, 10 years ago…

I was pregnant with my son and was moving from my first apartment…

The owner of the building I was in, was well off, humble, and owned various properties in town.

When I first rented the apartment – he gave me the most sincere gem of advice (along with I could see in rising up in his eyes) tried and true business wisdom… that my soul instantly took to heart.

Owning Your Home is An Investment You Can Get Back.

Renting is paying NOT to take the Risk...

From here (referring to the apartment) save, and only move into your own home next…



We made sooo many mistakes when moving into our first home…

First, we didn’t forecast growing a family (we didn’t even know we were expecting yet – when we closed on the house!).

The process for the first home was a little bit easier though, compared to this 2nd home – because we were deciding to remain close to family, while the babies were young.

So the time & task of looking for a new home was significantly less and also much easier with one less variable to consider and look for…

Here’s a photo of us in our first home…
One of the things we learned to do was – how to build a fence!
I settled on the design and look of it; and Eddie & my Father in Law – set out to build it out from wood… DIY style.
It was a true labor of love.
In our new home, we have zero fence work to do, which I’m so happy about.

When we purchased our 1st home, I was also NOT spiritually awakened yet, and so I did not have the energetic support or ideal set up that comes with taking into account the energy of the home – and certain variable that can really impact us spiritually.

In contrast I chose this home from this new spiritual and energetic perspective… as well as with the help of my spiritual team and source…

As you can image the experience was not only vastly different but it went much more seamlessly, light and most importantly was – powerfully aligned.

Because my guides showed up and worked in helping me in this area…they brought to my attention and incorporated things into this new environment, I didn’t even know I would have liked OR needed – until AFTER I was led to the house.

Many things my children were also wanting or would benefit from, were added in with so much love…


A local knitting studio for M who loves handicrafts & sewing…

And various nature trails for my outdoor loving son, with farm classes a short drive away…

There are 10 main things I did that proved to be the most powerful in manifesting this house that I want to share with you today.

If you’re looking to manifest a new home, community – or just a BIG THING you want to achieve the BEST FIT for.

  1. I started visualizing my new home before I was ready to look for it or was even ready to buy…
Big Revelation: Buying a home with your 3rd eye activated is deeply seeing, empowering and soothing…
Homes are incubators of energy with chakra centers, energy, and personalities just like us and our business entities.

I created a sacred visual space on pinterest and collected photos of the environment and ambience I wanted to have in my home.

During this same time I also started to get very clear on the amount of space I would NEED and also the ideal space I would WANT, while factoring in cleaning, heating and whether I wanted a cozy (smaller) or starker (with the echoes it produces too).

2. I tapped into my sacral knowing and the energy of the houses I was vetting through online…

Intuition is cosmic fishing

My husband started the search early this year and found many homes that fit what we were looking for in the practical sense.

Because he’s an engineer and project manager in the construction industry… he also had the keen insider knowledge of structural things and other factors, which helped once the list came to me that I did not have to worry about.

After reviewing the homes I used my intuition and clairs to tap into the homes energetic frequency and whether it was a vibrational match to us (the home we are purchasing turns out was owned by an empath, marketing ex who was in academia! Ha! I was not surprised!). After I did that I also circled out to the surrounding area to feel into the neighbor’s frequency and the natural energy of the landscape… was it by a busy road, are there any trees, how about water nearby?

3. Numerology & Names Are Important…

What number house are you living in now?
Bonus Tip: Add up all of the numbers together if you have more than 1 to get your house number.

Numbers, Names and the words we use have immense power and energetic weight. Everytime you give out your street address it draws in more of that and it also attracts certain vibrations naturally to the area…

We are in a 9 home right now, and my first home was a 7, and I’ve lived in 2s and a few other numbers… throughout my life.

My spiritual awakening started in the 7 house with my appendix surgery while being 5 months pregnant; and as you can imagine, its no surprise, since 7 is a highly spiritual number.

I had a number in mind for this home that was among those ideal for raising a family…

After looking at the potential homes online, if the energy and specs of the home were fine – but I then looked at the number and name and it was not a fit. It became a no.

If the name was a sacral or energetic ‘no’ … then it was a no…

No mind justifying or weighing like the first house!

4. I Invited My Children In to Rate the Homes That Were a Yes Next

Bonus Tip: Both of my children are emotional authorities in HD so checking in a couple of times during different times helps ensure they are responding in line with their authority.

My son and daughter are both incredibly wise and have their own strong intuitions and clair gifts.

They also both have defined g’s (HD) which give them a very unique ability to tap into directionality materially speaking.

My son has the most powerful sense I’ve found partly because of his incarnation cross of the Sphinx – which helps him immensely to do what is best for him (and plays a big role in the 2027 change coming).

He also has a lot of water in his chart…

After showing them the homes, they mostly emphasized the importance of the feel of their rooms and outdoor space…

Even though now they are excited about sharing a room instead (!)

We shall see if it sticks…

As children they have less conditioning than we do as adults.

So I take their feedback very seriously – because of the purity of information they can channel at this age.

5. After We Formed an Initial List I Called In My Guides For Help…

Bonus Tip: Use white candles to celebrate the arrival of the home intentions you set at the next full moon…
You can also use them when releasing your old home when the moon is waning…
Black candles are great to draw in your ideal home during the new moon…

Why did I wait up to this point to call them in?

From my work now for the past 2 years with my guides, I’ve found that its ok to do as much work as you feel guided to do – and are feeling you are being insight on from your intuition… moment-by-moment first.

Once you get to the proverbial fork in the road… or a space where you feel like you need help, or direct guidance and support… that’s when I find it appropriate to call in my spiritual guides.

Just like a child would do.

Considering them in this way vs. always calling them for every minor thing, I’ve found helps them bring more energy, attention, and action when they are involved…

Our guides appreciate it when we’ve reached a place of trust and confidence in our own powers and beings… to do what we feel comfortable doing.

Once I was ready to call them in, I performed a ritual asking for help and their higher multidimensional, all seeing sight – of the things I could not, that were important.

I also asked them to please bring the best fit for all involved for our utmost happiness, growth, and wellbeing aside from anything aesthetically beautiful I wanted in the home.

Because we are moving from a much busier, polluted, and industrial city – I also emphasized cleaner, purer air – and overall surroundings.

Lastly, I asked my other spiritual guides like the moon, gods/goddesses, deities and angels – as I felt called, for assistance birthing forth this new home – and helping us joyously release our old place… in gratitude for the time we spent there.

6. We Set Out to Look At Homes and Open Houses… and I Performed Moon Rituals to Call in & Release our Old Place of Living…

Bonus Tip: Sage Yourself after you return home from house hunting…
Pull a card or 3 for an insight on a home you’re considering.

I did rituals during the new, and full moon to call in this new home and release our old place…

All while expressing deep gratitude and thanks, and reflecting on the good moments in the home.

If you’re interested in seeing a step-by-step tutorial of the rituals I did to attract this new home & release the old one let me know in a comment below.

Before we left I said a prayer for clarity, revelations, and signs on our journey while visiting each home on our list.

Before Visiting the Homes –

I made sure to shower and bring protective stones with me and essential oils.

Since anytime you’re visiting a home it can be very easy for energies to latch on if you haven’t shielded properly – tools like these help…

Its also important to meditate and do frequent energetic cleansing like cord cuttings.

After coming across some disempowered, grieving, and in need of healing home owners I was not expecting to find, and found myself stretched by spirit to channel a word or a bit of energetic comfort – I also started powering up a bit more before each outing, just like I would do before a client session.

None of those homes made it to our short list… and it’s a big consideration even if the home looks perfect inside and out, if you are an empath like I am – or just have a lot of water in your chart and are an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

Choosing a home is all about what’s best for you and your family!

7. Choose A Town & Community That is as BEST Aligned to Your Values, Interests & Spiritual Life…

There’s the sweetest restaurant right on the edge of a river…

When We Found the Home We Thought Would be THE ONE in a Spiritual Town but not exactly best aligned to what vein we are in…

I was so happy with just finding a spiritually centered town – but also disappointed, that we would be very much counter culture to the norm with our current spiritual way of life.

These things can cause friction and barrier to forming deep and intimate relationships.

So I bought a candle, wrote the address in the wax, and asked my guides for direction and a clear sign.

And you know what happened?

The candle would not light AT ALL!

The wax on the wick was very thick and the flame of my lighter could not penetrate it – even after I held it up to the flame, for a good minute!

My husband whose not exactly a woo believer was astonished…

I waited a day… and just to be sure, I tried lighting it again the next morning mainly out of curiosity. It was so bizarre! I had never experienced something like this when trying to light a candle before (for any reason).

This time it lit up briefly, but extinguished almost immediately after…

It was clear this wasn’t the house or place for us!

8. I Started Focusing on Community & Using A Full Immersion of the Ideal I Envisioned to Help Me Manifest…

One of the stores in the Good Witch TV Series…
I tapped into to do this immersion experience

We set out on our search again and patience was beginning to wane thin for all of us…

Looking for a home is extremely exhausting for adults; but even more so for young children!

A few things that we did to really help us stay blissful & refreshed was:

  • Packing snacks and plenty of water
  • New movies to watch during the car ride
  • Scoping out playgrounds and eateries nearby houses to unwind at
  • Scheduling showings only in between meals, not during meal times

My thoughts at this point became more focused on the local communities alignment with our own way of life…

When you purchase a home the community and atmosphere matters just as much as the structure.

But the problem was I wasn’t familiar with these areas – and my realtor was not exactly tapped in spiritually, to direct us (despite being absolutely fabulous personality, industry knowledge, and temperament-wise).

ONLY my guides and spirit, could lead us to the solution and where we needed to be… so I  started focusing my prayers & meditations around this unknown.

Immerse Yourself As Fully As Possible In Your Ideal Environment –

When manifesting you need to fully immerse yourself in the kind of environment you want ‘as if’ you already have it.

To do this I started watching shows that had homes in the style I wanted, warm and friendly small towns in the vibe I was looking for – and homes in neighborhoods with quiet streets and a more neighborhood feels.

WE might have liked the idea of really rural living but not the lack of connection to activities.

I found the Good Witch on Netflix while browsing with the kids one evening…

And because we all watched the show together –

I’m convinced it compounded the effects of what we manifested 3 fold!

The nearby towns are similar in aesthetic, services and feel to those on the show.

When manifesting make sure you tap into all media that reinforces ONLY the grandest version of what you want.

9. Signs In The Home & HD environment…

My HD Environment is Kitchens Wet. Its the inventor’s, creatives, alchemist and magician’s environ…where substances are blended into something new and powerfully.

We find a home with a pencil sharpener in the basement and an amazing community spiritually speaking…

There’ a special needs run bistro café… art classes… and even knitting/crotchet classes that my crafty daughter is swooning over in delight.

But does it accommodate all our HD environments?

Once initiated into Human Design… a big and grand step to really start deconditioning is a core 3 pronged approach –

1. making decisions and entering into relationships correctly, by using your strategy and authority

2. Eating according to your PHS System


3. Living in your design’s environment

In our penta or family, as you can imagine it can be VERY difficult to accommodate everyone’s environment when looking for a home…

Unless you’re lucky enough to share the same one, it’s tough.

Here’s how I did it:

  • I’m a KITCHEN’s WET environment (there’s a dry type as a subcategory to this environment type), so rain or being near a fresh water source – is ideal for me and when I operate AND feel the best.

Having restaurants and eateries, and being able to dabble in lots of creative opportunities and explore new ideas – gives my soul comfort and nurturing. It’s also resonant to the needs of my 12th house Gemini north node…

  • My daughter is a MARKETS environment – and there are some AMAZING nearby farmer’s markets and hand-made goods selling posts, that really bring in both the old-world concept of markets WITH the new.

She’s already brainstorming ideas on what she might want to make and sell.

  • My son is a VALLEYS HD environment which is ideally living near a river bank or elements that reinforce the concept of civilazations.

We have a few rivers which is wonderful, and lots of Natural beauty along with lots of acoustic food that valley environments thrive on like live music, fountains and farming.

  • My husband is a MOUNTAINS environment, and thankfully because he works 8 hours at the office – high up in a tall building, he gets plenty high up in the air mountain energy even if he’s not living on a mountain.

Because of that I didn’t have to factor in his environment into this house (phew!).

For the weekend there are some nearby hiking trails and mountains…which is nice.

I expect his environment will be a bigger consideration for our future home once he gets closer to retirement and he’s at home much more.

10. I Used Affirmations & Journal Writing to Manifest the Best Home & Smoothest Process Possible Once We Found IT…

Bonus Tip: When journaling out your intentions or ideal home life…
Narrate what a day would feel like and what you would do in each room…
Add photos to each room as you chronicle it – next to what you write…
Add pressed flowers (after asking for their permission to be plucked) and sigils too, especially if they are in the garden of a home you desire…

Once we submitted the offer I found myself really revving up the affirmations that we would get the house we wanted.

They sounded like:

The house is already mine…

Everyone involved in helping us with our new house (insert address here) is working with the best of intentions, greatest effort and is being divinely guided by all of our guardian angels and spiritual teams…

The house is all we saw, know about and more. Everything is working out in the best, healthy, and most advantageous way possible for all of us…

It’s currently a hot sellers market in NJ and houses are moving FAST.

To the point that if you find something you love, and you don’t put in an offer you could lose it they told us.

I knew that whatever home was meant for us would be ours no matter what, and when your trust is unshakeable – the universe has no choice but to make it so!

My prayers and communication to my guides, also circled around making sure the house was structurally sound with the upcoming inspection – and anything that needed addressing to be lovingly done by the owners in the most positive and willing spirit.


11. Start Manifesting Your Next Ideal Home, Environment  or 2nd Vacation Home

You can have as many homes as you want.

The more energy and intent you put behind the intentions and the objects you want to manifest, the more specific your order will come just the way you want it, because the universe and your guides want to indulge you in feeling the best as possible!

This home was a combination of all of our wants, needs, desires and long time manifestations…

Its similar in style to homes I used to admire as a child back when I lived in a low income apartment building with pests – and no private outdoor space to call my own.

It supports our current professional and personal lifestyles and future desires in so many ways.

If you want to start a new ideal blissful life dream board – to start watering your grandest visions so that they can manifest soon…

Join me in my free 21 Day Live Video Training Series Bliss Life Redesign – Turn Your Bliss Lies Into Bliss Truths – in my Private FB Group

The Burst Into Bliss Circle

Click here to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theburstintoblisscircle/

Wishing you very happy, rapid and aligned manifesting beloveds!


Have you manifested your dream home?

Does your home look like what you envisioned it would be as a child?

p.s. My home even has some of my brand colors throughout!

Talk about perfect!

What are you working on manifesting NEXT in your life?

I’d love to hear all about it below in a comment below.

Watch the live video I did on this topic where I mention tips and stories I didn’t cover here…

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