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4 Important Reasons Why Online Entrepeneurs  Need a Home Office 

It’s back to school season, and with that comes a BIG shift to MANY family to-do’s, shopping and activities – when it comes to our children, families, and the fast approaching holidays as super women mompreneurs.

Back to School (or Back to EVERYTHING season) can EASILY veer us off of our business tracks if we’re not careful – leaving loads of tumbleweeds traveling through our online business time and activity (especially if we work from home, and the lines around where our business lives start and end are blurred…).

We can then find ourselves EXCLUSIVELY working towards the needs of our family only, and not dedicating ANY of our time to our business goals.

I’ve been there!

As a homeschooling boss lady, who homeschools year round… even though I DON’T take summer breaks — the start of fall is a time when we DO pick back up subjects where we took a light breaks in, like, history & science…

There’s also a MASSIVE resurgence of activities that either completely stopped – or significantly slowed down in the spring…

Tell me what your flow is like in a comment below, I would love to know and reply back to you with a tip.

For that reason FALL is a season of “back to everything” for us – full of new beginnings, and added commitments.

I also start gently planning for the holidays too because – once a planner ALWAYS a planner.

To give you an idea – here are some of the things that start back up for us during the End of August & Beginning of September…

  • Coops and homeschool play group gatherings
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Enrichment homeschool specific classes
  • Renewal of yearly museum memberships and things like HSLDA
  • The door bell ringing busyness & excitement (and the time organizing) new big boxes full of new books, supplies, and curriculum – for topics we are exploring – or leveling up in
  • Then there’s also: fall festivals, field trips for bucket-list type things like apple & pumpkin picking
  • Oh and our favorite nature center classes starting up or rural farm classes

As you can see it can be SOO easy to get caught up and LOST in JUST family events during these last few months of the year (that are also coincidentally, very key months in our businesses).

As women we can EASILY “forget” to check in on our business if we’re not in the habit of being intentional about it everyday.

I’m currently hosting an 8 Day Free Challenge – Back to Business: Create & Refresh Your Blissful Home Office… with the purpose to ANCHOR you back to your business, even in the midst of these waves of todo’s during Back to School season. You can join the challenge by joining my private FB Group HERE

I’ve made the mistake in the past of putting my business on the proverbial back burner until the end of the holidays, aka mid – January, in years past…

And you know what happened?

I would seriously regret & kick myself, for NOT maximizing the holidays – to keep the momentum going in my business.

I also quickly realized, EVERY SEASON has its own special shiny attractions, needs, and time commitments boss moms!

Am I right or am I right?!

SO then the REAL issue REALLY becomes…

  • We need help with finding greater work family balance
  • Women use the fall & the holidays (and the get back to everything season) as an excuse to slow down so they can…
  • Go back to old comfort zones
  • Stop their business and get distracted, and doubtful
  • Aka do all-the-self-sabotage!

How do I know?

Because I’ve done it!

I WANTED a blissful and abundant business – but I couldn’t handle the possibility of failure at the end of the year (in front of my doubting family, siblings and then, friends), when I was a new first time business owner, in my 1st business 11 years ago…

Soo I self created a “low point” in my business to justify not meeting my goals.

The antidote to this malaise is to keep the work family balance between our mama time commitments, and our business demands EVEN.

One of the easiest first steps – is creating a sacred workspace & home office so you CAN’T avoid the work you are committing to do everyday.

Drop me a comment below at the end of this post with #committed if you are!


  • If you have a space that doesn’t reflect your current business goals… and you need a revamp & refresh to reflect them
  • If you don’t have a home office, and you want to create one to maximize your chances of success
  • You have a workspace or small home office already – but want to level it up, to a grander version and e x p a n d the level of your business (the live video at the end of this post is especially for you if you said yes to this bullet point right here. Make sure to watch it).

If you said YES to any of these points… this article and FREE challenge I’m hosting in my Private FB Group The Burst Into Bliss Circle, is for you.


I’ve been in talks with many women these past few weeks who are either

a.) launching their first businesses,


b.) have been in business for awhile – and they don’t think its important to have a home office or dedicated space.

It just so happens this is also one of the BIGGEST mistakes (and assumptions) I made for MONTHS – when I started my first business… Only to find, in retrospect, that it GREATLY impacted my bliss state, energy, productivity and success.

Once I created a home office I noticed an IMMENSE shift in my power, focus, and being able to manifest grander things like: my event designs being featured on popular blogs and websites; and attracting my first celebrity client.

To attract BIG things we need to SET ourselves UP for success, with an intentional workspace…

  1. If You See It, You Will Believe It…

It makes your business MORE real if you have a REAL physical space for it to live in.

Our businesses are living entities that – grow, evolve and need constant nurturing and support to really thrive.

Just like a newborn in a nursery…

When you create an office suddenly your business becomes a bigger presence in your life taking up space, and it no longer feels like an ephemereal “concept” – or vague THING you tell people you do.

Creating a workspace is a great antidote to fastly growing from amateur or hobbyist – to pro; if you’re struggling with identity issues or just seeing yourself in this new light as an online entrepreneur.

Having an online business can be so much more difficult to build just because of the nature of digital online products being difficult for you to see everyday stacked in the corner of your house… like it was for instance, with my tangible event rental supplies…

It can be difficult to concretely SEE and therefore quantify, AND validate that your business is real.

To remedy that having a workspace with your transformational packages printed, names of the amazing women in your groups up — and the printed loving words from your audience, can make it more tanglible for you at the start.

If you’re moving from a brick and mortar or products based business like I was, it’ll help you transition from being used to always seeing your products in front of you, to seeing the service you provide – and the TRANSFORMATION you facilitate as a product too.

Just a different kind.

Here are 2 examples on how I do this…

I have an HD chart up in my office to remind me that
this is a digital product but a very real service I do.
When I have friends over it also generates a conversation if they’re new to my coaching work. You can learn more about HD charts, and order yours, if you haven’t had one done by me already HERE
I also display loving words from my audience & clients with so much love & gratitude.
Even if I don’t meet with them face to face on video or in person… they are there, and seeing this reminds me of that.

Doing all of these things sends the message OUT into the universe that your business is important, REAL, and you want MORE of what you LOVE already about it to COME IN.

2. It Will Be Harder to Avoid the Work…

You’ll get moving more quickly every morning if your new office is let’s just say,
facing right in fromt of your bedroom! Like my new one is.

When we create a space for specific purposes, the chances for procrastination significantly decreases…

And that’s part of the reason why I created a family Yoga supply corner in our living room… and a dedicated homeschooling room, so that it makes it very EASY to get to those activities, and be reminded of them.

We see the yoga mats, or art supplies – and it prompts all of us “on sight” to engage with them. It nurtures and increases the likelihood those important activities happen.

The same thing happens with our home based businesses.

An office in a high traffic, highly visible area in your home – makes working on your business much more unavoidable than choosing an obscure, or uninspiring space like a garage or far-off coat closet.

You’ll then soon start shifting into seeing your office like the other parts of your home – serving your well being and purpose.

As I always tell my bliss soul tribe in my FB Group…

The more you use your sacred workspace and tools in a consecrated space – the more they will WORK and get embued energetically with your intent, and what you want to do…

Our home offices are our business magickal altars!

They have memory, they’re made out of energy and matter; and yes, they are powerful vehicles and containers to manifest our businesses FASTER.

3. It Will Help You Stay Organized…

I love organizing my workspace with my brand colors
and pieces that fit in with the same feel of it.

Are my business cards in the kitchen junk drawer?

By my side bedroom table?

OR… somewhere under the couch?

This was a question I often asked myself in my 1st business 11 years ago BEFORE I decided to dedicate a small space in my bedroom, to a closable side desk / home office space.

Everytime I had to go around digging for something… my natural happy blissful vibe, turned into soul sucking, dread, frustration, anxiety and crazy overwhelm.

There had to be a better way.

The time and energy I was giving up to look for things, could be easily put to better use had i been organized and had a home office.

But I didnt yet.

And it took me a few weeks to work on the project…

But once it was done it was soo worth it.

I had more time to indulge, relax, and feel empowered in my business too knowing where every important thing was.

4. It Makes Creating Content,

Referring Back to Teachings/Resources,

AND Seeing How Much Work You’ve Put Into Your Development… EASY

And that also increases your boss lady self confidence!

Having the books I’ve read and the teachers and resources I’ve met in my spiritual – business and personal growth path… gives me so much confidence and sense of gratefulness whenever I gaze up my shelves.

It also conveys a certain expert authority with friends, family, and clients who either come to visit – or see you show titles in sessions, videos or programs – where you might share them or require them as part of the curriculum.

It also reminds me of who I am on the daily and adds in the energy of these masters with their works in my physical presence…

A home office library ALSO makes it SO easy to refer back on information for quotes in your social media branding, blog posts or articles…

Or to reference while you’re writing your first, or next book!

If you don’t have a PHYSICAL personal development, business, and spiritual library yet – I highly encourage you to start one this year.

For me, a personal library in my office is also way much more than just what I’ve read — but what I want my children to also read one day, as part of my inheritance, story and legacy.

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