52 Week Money Savings Challenge Bliss Lived
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52 Week Blissful + Abundant Money Savings Challenge (with Free Printable Chart)

52 Week Money Saving Challenge Bliss Lived

Hey Loves, it’s a new year! One of my goals for this year is to tap into greater feelings of abundance, both financially and personally, and today I want to share with you a resource I created to help us on this journey.

Last year was all about gratitude and self reflection… and my big goal of from last year – to print and hang up all of our family pictures –  really helped me to focus on gratitude. AS well as helping me to stay more mindful everyday!

Bliss Lived Yearly New Year's Goal and Challenge

I also worked on some inner healing, and so when this past year came to a close – I naturally sat down to mindfully think about what the next steps to this bliss journey would be.

Suddenly the word – abundance, rose to the top of my mind and I started dreaming about what it would mean to reach a higher level of abundance… what it would look like – and what steps I would need to take to get there.

How I Took Stock of the Abundance Already in My Life

This past year I cut back on activities, outside commitments, and I also simplified + focused on all the ways (big and small) I was already  abundant and blessed (even in spite of any new or persisting hardships!).  Some of these  were obvious and extremely important, like – my children, home, food, health – and all of the things I had already accomplished up until this point (ie. growing up and getting out of urban poverty, raising some amazing kids –  and so on). Others were less obvious but also an influential part of my happiness + feelings of being provided for.

However, at the end I was clear that despite all of the amazing growth I’ve had – there were still things I needed to work on to be able to not only move forward and grow…but to also  feel fulfilled, and feel as though I’ve shared my gifts – and therefore completed my soul’s mission here in this life.

Can you relate to that?

So this exercise was you could say was in many ways my way of assessing and creating a new firmer and healthier foundation for myself (both internally and externally). Because who wants to build on top of something that needs important cleaning or revitalizing?!

As a result, I healed some areas that needed work, like –  some self limiting beliefs, relationships, and dropping anything (habits, people pleasing etc) that I intuitively felt was not serving my highest good. I also looked to my past, and my present as well my money history (and took and honest look at it’s current state) as well as the stories I believed around money up until now. Then along the way this past year I also reconnected to who I am at my core (meditation helped a great deal here!), and took stock of my life and how it has evolved up until this point, paying close attention to the conditions and influences that helped shape it (outside of myself and of my own accord).

I mention all of this because getting to this place here took much self work, and it’s not done.

So Abundance…

After my year of reflection and personal/spiritual work… I realized the journey to abundance really begins with gratitude and appreciating all that you have (and are) right now. Without doing that first the core problems with money will tend to persist. The core to it all is a deep, honest and heartfelt appreciation for everything in your life – starting with the most basic thing, your existence, and your being.

As a stay-at-home mom homeschooling for the past 4 years,  I felt a HUGE disconnect from money after paying little to no attention to it – in order to focus on homeschooling and raising my children, and the home (my hubs handled the majority of our accounts).

It  sometimes felt like the dollars didn’t stretch far enough –  or there was little left over to have and call our own  (ie. a money leak!). With bills, extracurricular activities, and the rise of everyday expenses like food and clothing – and the more I learned about the history of money and how it works, I now understood that in order to tap into more abundance and continue to increase the flow of it, the relationship had to be healed.

Like most of us, sometimes I hardly ever physically touched money! Because a) “money is so dirty “(germs), b) “it is so antiquated to have paper money,” and c) because  all of the digital automations that are designed to make our lives easier, meant I never carried it with me – to name a few. This very automaton creates a HUGE disconnect from our natural need to touch and feel objects in order to understand and learn how to use them – and to get to know what they are  (we are sentient beings for a reason + kinesthetic learners!). Sometimes I wonder if our financial problems are simply rooted in this simple disconnect. In the same way that as mothers we need to feel our babes in order to bond… how can we possibly form a healthy bond (and skill) with money if we don’t even physically feel it in our hands anymore?

Why a Money Challenge

This challenge is meant to be the 1st baby step in getting reacquainted with money – tangibly.

When you are trying to start from scratch in learning something new you naturally have to start at the beginning simply and very concretely – and so, a money challenge where you are handling your money and consciously paying attention to it every week can help.

In many ways I’m taking the same approach I take in teaching children math in our homeschool. When teaching math I teach concretely using manipulative at first using things like – counters, blocks, and rocks. I then move onto higher order, more abstract, symbolic, mental math to perform operations.  Here, we’re adopting the same approach with our money.

We need to see what it's like to see our money grow again, and allow ourselves the feeling to be happy and excited with our progress, vs. any negative feelings we're used to feeling around money. Click To Tweet

Money and Abundance Mantra Bliss Lived

How is this 52 Week Money Challenge Different

This money savings challenge is different because it was created with the intention and focus of healing your relationship with money and abundance. Unlike the classic money savings challenges out there focusing on lack – we are growing from a place of recognizing and appreciating our current state of abundance (so important energetically).

Also, instead of adding a dollar – or taking away a dollar every week (I found this hard to remember + keep track of when I attempted a 52 week challenge a few years ago…) you’ll commit to a set amount to be added every week – anywhere from $10 to $100 p/w.

Here are the amounts and how much you will have saved if you stick to the plan.  

52 Week Blissful + Abundant Money Savings Challenge Bliss Lived

Are you excited?!

You can use this table but to help you keep track of your progress every week – I created a FREE printable PDF Checklist for each of the value you see above. This will help you know how much you have saved so far, and how much more you have to go.  There’s a bonus blank page at the end you can fill out with any other amount if say you don’t want to do these values or want to have your kids join to save their own amount with a smaller value.

After you’ve chosen and printed out your table – attach it to a glass jar (great to see your money fill it up!) or other container like an empty coffee container.

You can also set up an automated withdrawal to a separate bank account – if it will help you stay more committed to your goal.

Do what will works best for you.


52 Week Money Savings Challenge Bliss Lived

Since abundance is much more than just putting money away in a jar – I’m going to be sharing some of my thoughts, rituals, and resources with you in the coming weeks – that I’ve found useful and helpful so far.  Subscribe to my email list below or follow me on Instagram @blisslived for new posts or tips related to this topic.

If you’re joining in on the challenge, please leave a comment below telling me why you’re joining and what you hope to gain from it. I’d love to send you love + good vibes.

Peace, Love, + Bliss,


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  • Cristina

    This is a really interesting idea! I have Cleo which takes out a saving each week for me, which is hugely helpful and I always put a certain amount in my savings when I receive my salary each month.

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