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Aries Gift Giving Guide for the Holidays

Aries is the archetype of the warrior.

It governs the head and our entry into the world headfirst.

As a cardinal sign, it has initiatory energy to start projects and birth things forward.

As a fire sign, it’s full of momentum and energy to carry that energy boldly forward – and sometimes not in the most smooth, harmonious or loving ways.

Nonetheless, Aries is a very beautiful energy and also my opposite as a libra.

I’ve had the honor to know so many beautiful Aries Goddesses through many close friendships. So it was especially fun to channel those archetypes into what I’ve come to learn about this sign in that space.

⚔️ Aries ⚔️

– Are truth-tellers and loyal to those they love

– They have gone through unique battles and circumstances that have helped shape their path and who they are

– Aries is a raw primal energy in many ways. It’s looking to initiate, build, and win… because in life we are doing just that to fulfill a divine life purpose (fresh and still very top of mind in Aries’ embodiment).

Because of that Aries understands viscerally that it’s very important that our life has meaning and is not a complete waste of time or resources.

– They are career-driven and have a connection to wellness and the body.
My good college friend whose also an Aries is a big fan of working out and the gym.

She’s also incredibly talented intellectually (head) and driven in her career. Sometimes she is just like a fire, not knowing any bounds or limits once the flame has been ignited, and so its very important for this sign to ground and set limits – otherwise they risk burning themselves completely through into painful burn-out (or worse).

🎁 Gifts Ideas for Aries 🎁 that are in line with their energy are…

1. Candles

In the winter months being indoors and unable to do all of the outdoor fitness things they want, or being able to move as FREELY as possible for business and career – can put a damper on an Aries woman’s spirits.

Candles are a great way for them to remember that light is still here and the sun is being reborn, slowly growing in intensity and warmth.

2. Indoor Work Out Equipment

Tools or new equipment to try out (or just information on a new diet or regimen) can keep Aries stimulated, curious, and excited during the antsy winter months.

Invite them to a winter sports or gym membership event outside of their normal routine to add a refreshing new air in, and inspire them.

3. Clothing that reminds them of their warrior side, or printed décor imagery for their office or home.

Whether it’s an accessory or a piece of clothing that has a very warrior or FIGHTER type of vibe – this will help empower Aries especially if they’re going through a rough patch and feeling less than capable to take on the challenges they are facing.

4. Lastly, Food

Nourishing and energizing food that’s tied to the fire element, helps feed an Aries’ internal fire during the colder winter months.

Take them out to eat near a fireplace – or outdoors with a lovely large bonfire they can gaze into.

The cycle of watching a fire start, burn brightly, and then extinguish – can be incredibly therapeutic and spiritually reviving for an Aries.

Where are they in that cycle right now?

How can they honor that place while also looking forward to the next phase?

What is the theme in their life and in what area are they feeling a spark of a new fire start?


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