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Gemini Gift Giving Guide for the Holidays

Gemini the twins.

This energy represents how we see ourselves and the inner dialogue or communication we eventually develop in our development, as well as taking outside perspective and information.  

This creates our active, first buddings – of our identity within the incubator (and info) provided by our family and close community.

It also represents OTHERS we meet, and face, who are versions of us – that we’re meant to interface with – to start considering other perspectives and MINDS outside of our own.

The purpose of this is, of course, to – further our growth.  

Gemini is ruled by Mercury a planet of communication, speed, information, and technology.

Gemini Goddesses process information FAST through books or ANY form.

In childhood, this also represents when we begin to connect with other peers (as seen in the mirror image of the twins standing side-by-side like 2 friends…).

Our first playmates and friends broaden our minds and possibilities through conversations and contrasting exchanges.

This is also the age when we start showing an interest in more sophisticated forms of games and information – through, books, movies, and games (all great gift ideas).


Gemini governs the upper body:

  • The hands and arms (picture them holding a book to remember this association),
  • The lungs (dual chambers like Geminis dual nature and the air element of this air sign too…)
  • Lastly, they also govern the nervous system – which shows the FAST messaging capability of the human body and mind.

Because of this very last one, many Gemini are very gifted children and adults (aka, high IQs and voracious quick learners). They also have highly sensitive nervous system that could be a source of discomfort.

They are much older than their actual years and fully embodied OLD SOULS.

Their taste in music and other areas might reflect that!

Logic games or anything else that will stimulate their intellect – and reminds them of their mental strength, and prowess are great gift ideas.

Geminis can do so much more than they realize sometimes but forget because it’s so seamless and natural.


Gemini are highly social and have a deep need to connect with others to get and spread information.

Anything that helps them do that the quickest is highly appreciated.

 Things like:

  • A new upgraded phone or computer
  • A fun new gadget to communicate in a new way
  • Any event or experience that will allow them to spread their ideas or create a platform.


Geminis are health-conscious, analyzing and incredibly self-aware as an early sign.

Practical tools like planners, organizers, or anything natural health (like essential oils or teas) are wonderful earth grounding gifts.


The dual nature of Gemini also represents the process they seamlessly do of TAKING IN all sorts of information – and synthesizing it into novel revelations, perspectives or EASY consumable takeaways people can apply, to improve their lives.

Geminis do this through various communication methods like writing, speaking, or creating (art, products, poetry, or any way that specifically speaks to them).

Gifts that allow them to pour out their thoughts EASILY are wonderful.

Things like:

  • Journals & pens
  • Writing software or programs
  • Tools for communication like a new mic for their Livestream videos, or new podcast channel
  • Even web hosting for the year (of a few months) so they can run their blog would be amazing too!


Geminis love items or things with a story.

So, don’t shy away from gifting them things from another era, or something you see in a vintage store – things like this inspire and move them.


Geminis are quick-witted and full of zest and humor…

A gag gift based on something that reminds them of an issue or topic they are passionate about – OR something that reminds them of their youth (and what they were really into back then) are also wonderful ideas.

This last one, especially applies if they are a close family member or friend and you know them intimately. It can help them lighten up from their sometimes overly serious mood (always researching, investigating and spreading an urgent message out into the world).

It’ll remind them to do more of what they love, especially if they find themselves inquiring down the wrong rabbit hole and they forget to get out!


Geminis are like Sagittarius in the way that they deeply care about what’s going on in the world.

The difference, however, lies in the approach and angle they take.

Subscriptions to special interest magazines, publications, or even “boxes” – are great gifts for Gemini.

They want to contribute and use their voice to create long-lasting and wide effecting, positive change – in the quickest way possible – and not necessarily the most direct way (like Sagittarius who will like being there locally or in a more high touch-point kind of role).

For Gemini technology and working remotely through the spread of information is also a powerful way to do this.

Traveling also would make it hard to take their physical book library with them, which they adore and need.


When Gemini follows her curiosity, direct emotional pulls, and stays open to information – she is in her playground of discovery.

Geminis are incredibly expressive, self-aware and eager to be clear and honest –

So, chances are if you ask them what they would like or need, they will be able to trill off a few things that they’ve already contemplated.

They are active in self-development in any sense of the word – so a retreat, new cool tool or book in that topic also may pique their interest.

Because Geminis are so connected to the mind and spiritual messages… tapping into the subconscious mind can be fun and very revealing to them on their journey of discovery.

Things like oracle cards and tarot cards are fun ways to dive deeper into this part of the mind.

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