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Leo Gift Giving Guide for the Holidays


Leo the great creative energy and discovery of what we love.

This zodiac sign is gifted in performance, play, imagination and shining their light bright – with little to no inhibitions!

They also have a knack for ideas, inventions and how to monetize things in the world aka. Business.


I love visualizing Leo as a fun-loving, curious, restful, yet energized – confident lion cub or child…

They paint under the sun completely immersed in observing their world and following their IN the NOW interests and what they are curious about.

If the 4th house of cancer rules the family home – – then the 5th house ruled by Leo, who’s celestial ruler is the sun, is the back or front yard.

Leo’s are naturally, and deeply creative; so, in these outdoor spaces – they are painting masterpieces with sidewalk chalk, adding bright bold colors while helping their parents garden – or making something out of nothing, through messy mud pie creations.

They’re also running around barefoot, broad smiled, and probably putting on an outdoor play or skit – at a nearby tree stump.


Like a lion or most outdoor wild animals, Leos also channel the energy of the animals that are around them if they feel out of tune (and when young they are naturally one of them).

They resemble less the countenance of fretting humans and more the spirit of surrender and intuition.

They lie down to observe the birds in the trees, the sounds of the wind – and imagine what is in the clouds in the sky, or what a colony of ants is doing on the floor.


The 5th house like Leo also embodies entrepreneurial, business creating spirit.

In the same way, we spontaneously create while children, the same sort of phenomena tends to happen with the creation of businesses.

In the yard the first buddings of this look like creating a lemonade stand, mowing neighbors yards for profit, or creating a unique way to have a yard sale of toys (plush animals by height and with names to make the experience more personable – the child might say).


All of these early experiences are part of the very important, but often not clearly distinguishable part of what childhood is all about – play-based self-discovery.

If this work is done well by children (with plenty of time, space and opportunity to let them do what they’re NATURALLY wired to do) – it will shed a realizing light to them, on how they can turn these passions into: businesses, professions, callings and products that are fun and natural for them to create in the world.

Even if they still need to get more experience, information or education on the topic.   

During this time, you also experiment in front of an audience with little fear, trying on different activities – fields, and forms of play in a very low risk (and start up capital needing…) setting, unlike any other time of your life!

This helps develop self-esteem, worth, confidence and resourcefulness – if it’s well supported by the family, friends and community around them.


If you have confidence issues or social anxiety chances are your attempts in this explorative space may have been judged by playmates or others.

It’s so important to work through this shadow aspect that might be lurking into adulthood in our psyches, in order to fully create and reengage in this process indefinitely as spiritual beings.


If you find yourself in a career transition as an adult, tapping into your inner child – and doing some of the free (no expectations attached) activities I’ve narrated above – can help you re-discover what makes your heart sing, and your next path.

The discoveries we make in this house are intimately tied to and create a springboard for – the work we will give and share in the world stage of the 11th house of service and groups in AQUARIUS.

If our heart, inner light, and hands (actions) are all in alignment by the time we get to the 11th house – after setting it in motion in the 5th, what we present to the world is nothing but of the highest value and service as it (and we) gets further refined and masterful – in the forthcoming houses.


Leo also represents our need for play and a daily diet of it in addition to the work we do whether it’s paid or in our families and communities.

It does the soul good Leo reminds us to do something spontaneous that captures our interest, or forest bathe in nature to reconnect to our wild side.

Once we consistently do what we love and lights us up (our inner suns) our energy in life and business is CONSTANT and is also no longer frantic and hustle, but majestic, powerful, calm and full of confidence just like a lion.


If we start losing confidence in ourselves and our abilities or feel the signs of burn out coming on – play can quickly help us re-root and boot our energy.  

You’ll never really feel soul-crushingly tired if you feel like you’re at play!


Gifts that can help Leos remain connected to this are interesting museums, cafes, and spaces where they can see the successful work and appreciation of other artists – who have made serious work (and money), from their art and play.

Take your Leo to a community garden out for lunch.

Watch an outdoor park movie or listen to an outdoor concert to remind them how refreshing and wonderful it is when talent and art forms take up a large space…

Expansive spaces inspire them to not shrink back but expand their energy and audiences as far as they can imagine them. 


Gift your Leo an art easel, a bird-watching guide or invite them to a community theatre performance.

Sometimes Leos might stop creating and quit having fun because they get hung up  over “perfectionist expectations” they set for themselves, after comparing themselves to other performers, entertainers, and creators.

They’re hard on themselves because they always feel like their craft is never perfect or fully finished.

However, this is one of Leos divine hallmarks – perfect imperfection.

They’re called to embody this to the world as an antidote to unrealistic perfectionist tendencies.

Just like the fairy gardens and “organic” masterpieces children do outdoors full of heart and love that are perfectly imperfect, Leo energy is here to teach us this is good enough.


The royal connection Leo has is here to remind us that we are all divinely bestowed, “crowns” with blessings and SPIRIT just like the universe.

Gift them a flower crown you make from wildflowers (with all your children if you are mothers) and a lovely elegant tea set they can entertain in indoors or out.

Leo’s love to socialize and shine the light on the people in their social network – just as much as they love the limelight.


Although Leos might seem vain and star-power-hungry to some… the truth is they are incredibly loyal, loving and desire others to do what they so easily can – STEP INTO their POWER and OWN their FULL light.

They want others to stop hiding the gifts they can so clearly see in them…

They love helping others do this any chance they get if the other has a desire and readiness to do it.

They want everyone dancing freely, fully, and luminously under the sun of this world WITH them not just looking up upon them as it might always seem.


Because Leos love dress-up – buy them something that can add a new flair to their work uniform or refresh the curated “costume” filled closet they have at home.

Things like a:

– Beautiful avant-garde jeweled pin

– A bright scarf

– A pair of shades or statement Hat… to help protect their eyes and heads from the sun (most Leos love it so much they could use some cover from it!).


The seasonal time of Leo is associated with late summer or the ripening of food and early signs of harvest in August.

Give your Leo a makeup palette in bright bold colors like the foods of the season.

Give her sunflowers or other blooms in the season she can display in her front porch or entrance too, while she meets with or greets neighbors and guests.


The body parts associated with Leo are the Heart, Spine, Spinal Column, & Upper Back.

Leo’s passions and families keep their hearts evergreen and full.

However, because of the un-ending, un-extinguishable solar energy running through them – they can oftentimes forget to rest and can EASILY overwork themselves into distress.

Signs of this can be as small as feeling winded, tightness in the chest, and back pain… or as large as heart palpitations and full-blown anxiety attacks.

Gifts that help Leos relax, re-center and connect back to their hearts – can do wonders for their wellbeing.

Some items that can help with this are:

– Self Discovery Journal like Start Where You Are by Meera Lee Patel

– A mood or body sensation scan bullet journal

– An acrobatics class where they can hang upside down and move their body and blood circulation, in different directions

– A gift certificate for a chiropractic adjustment

– Crystals for the heart chakra and to focus on while meditating, like Malachite, Aventurine and Rose Quartz.

Lastly, HAIR CARE.

Leo’s have amazing hair when they’re in their full energy and alignment.

Gift them a lovely hair accessory to accentuate it like, a barrette or comb with a symbol that has meaning, or with an arrangement of birthstones.

Give them high quality, highly nourishing, natural hair products to keep their manes shiny, healthy and full of lion-sized volume!

Leos communicate and receive so much spiritual information through their hair (they’re like receptors to the energy around them!), and so it’s especially important that they nourish their locks well and often.

See you tomorrow for the next sign in this series.

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