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Taurus Gift Giving Guide for the Holidays

Taurus is the 2nd zodiac sign of the astrological wheel, tied to values.
Yesterday we talked about Aries and some of the needs, themes, and purposes behind this beautiful “spark of life” zodiac sign.
If you missed that post you can find it HERE
I also went live on my FB Business Page BLISS LIVED going over how to use this series, who it’s for (sun, ascendant, and moon signs primarily), and other ways you can use it this holiday.
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So Taurus…
Yesterday we learned that Aries is the first sign and is governed by the head, we also learned that Aries brings great force to move us into our purpose and survival after we are born.
Afterward, the themes of Taurus roll in, with one of the first being the throat and learning how to speak (which Taurus governs).
Now that the basics are covered for our life physically and energetically speaking (Aries), Taurus energy helps us establish values and how we want to channel our wealth, harvests, and resources.
With Taurus – we are not just sustaining life or surviving – but looking to THRIVE and enjoy life to it’s Garden of Eden-like fullest.
Taurus is earth energy and a mutable sign, meaning it’s meant to represent the struggle or transition from one energetic state to another, we are growing into eventually (Gemini).
The same theme is carried out in the other mutable signs of the zodiac… as we travel along.
Taureans are great with money and they like keeping a sacred, upscale and refined space for it. IE. a luxurious wallet, or a money clip.
Both would be great gift ideas if your Taurus friend or loved one, is money conscious.
Money is not just a tool but an energy to be sacredly held and used to channel and create an ideal luxurious life for Taurus.
Because it’s one of the first signs in the zodiac – it still deals greatly with a self vs. the “other” theme so you might find that Taurean’s or those with a strong placement (asc, moon or other) are very into personal finance.
Tools to help them in that sphere are also very Taurus aligned. As well as, anything that reaffirms their self-identity and self-love even when they might feel they are far from the utopian ideal they have personally set for themselves.
When we gaze into something monogrammed into our name it instantly brings us back to center or self.
In the case of Taurus, this becomes a source of re-centering and empowerment. Taurus sun and ASC are here to embody this and be this self-journey to paradise and all of the exquisite, loving, rich things in life – to us.
Some things you can easily find already monogrammed or can monogram are:
– A purse
– Stationary
– Keychain
– Scarf
As an earth element, flowers are also a great gentle, nudging reminder for these strong beautiful earth magic Goddesses to take in all the beauty and perfection that’s already ALL around them – even if they might not always see it that way.
On that quest, Taurus can become a workaholic, fully consumed and missing what arrives to that grand vision of theirs – or is already here to bless them.
Planters of flowers in their home office already in full beautiful, perfect bloom – or that they can mindfully watch grow… will remind them of this while also seeing that their effort is equally met with divine help and love, to make everything they touch grow.
Anything related to earth magic and gardening too (tools, potions, herbs) will also help encourage Taurus to channel her innate Earth Goddess energy.
While Taurus as one of the first signs of the zodiac, like it’s sister Aries, represents strength through an animal archetype – the Bull, it’s much more delicate in nature and touch with a certain fragility because it’s ruled by Venus.
Two children’s stories illustrate Taurus’ spirit very well mixing primal strength with feminine grace…
The children’s book and movie Ferdinand, who’s the story of a mighty, big, and powerful bull… that doesn’t always realize his strength – or wants to fight despite being built for it, just wants to enjoy life and take in the beauty of his desires, flowers, because he realizes that life is more than just work but also the things that make it worth living.
It also shows the difference between a more zealous constant warrior spirit of Aries, and how as babes we start taking notice in development in the 2nd house Taurus represents, that life has so much to take in aside from our immediate surroundings.
I just finished reading this beautiful fairytale to my children, before editing this post…
And it’s so divinely placed because of Thumbelina’s earth Goddess MIRACLE birth & embodiment of the Earth powers.
Like Aphrodite, she erupts out of the earth by a divine miracle, but instead of the ocean… she rises out of the earth after being planted…
Gifting a Taurus Goddess this story can remind her that she is made of the same magic, and carries the same attractive powers, (and support) from all of the natural living things on earth – just waiting to assist her.
Earth Goddess Luxury & Nurturing
Taurus has a very larger than life appetite so anything that satisfies those appetites is wonderful to bestow. This like an expensive or a specially made perfume; a spa day retreat – or a beautiful piece of clothing/jewelry.
As I mentioned, Taurus is ruled by Venus – just like Libra, but it has a much more different Earth Goddess – self-love focused tone and approach in love, relationships and work.
Taurus’s are natural powerful manifestors of money because they are an earth sign (just like all earth signs! Bless them <3), and so, books on this topic might also be a great way to help them tap into these already flowing energies – if this is an area they are interested in or are struggling with.
See you tomorrow for the next zodiac sign.
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