Bliss is your natural state

 … it’s the beautiful divine blanket you came wrapped in when you arrived here. It’s also the sublime serenity that we return to once we’re done.

But more importantly, its the marvelous, sacred state we’re supposed to abide in – no matter what, in this beautiful can get chaotic –  life of ours. 

Hi beautiful soul, welcome to Bliss Lived ™.

This site is dedicated to helping you remember, reconnect, and recreate the bliss in your life so that you can do and be who you came here to be. 

You might be asking yourself… how can I start living blissfully when I don’t even remember what it’s like?

How can I BEGIN if I’m not even sure what bliss exactly, really IS anymore?

Read on! 

What bliss is...

In it’s simplest form bliss is sublime existence, ultimate unshakeable joy, and dwelling in the FULL glory of what we all represent – the divine, the universe, and all the magick that’s possible.

For you, for me, for –

every. living. thing 

It’s not something meant to be experienced sporadically – or only if you meet certain conditions either. 

It’s not something only accessible through yoga or meditation (even though those sacred practices can help). 

There are many paths and ways to get back to bliss,  and infusing it in all areas of your life… 

 I’m here to show you the things that I’ve discovered, and have worked for me in my path. 

 I woke up one day and made the active CHOICE to dwell in bliss – and only operate from that space, no matter what was going on around me – and it radically changed my life. 

The reasons why people come to, or decide to start a bliss journey to get greater fulfillment – and growth are different, but the desire is all the same. 

I am a guide in providing information and empowered steps in doing this for those interested in companionship through the process (you could do it alone but you don’t have to!). 

In the offerings and programs I offer you’ll find both –  practical and magickal solutions that I’ve utilized in my own path – and I’ve found the greatest growth and healing from. What I share is not just theoretical or what I read in a book – but what implemented… and eventually have come to embody as a lifestyle. 

My greatest hope is that bliss becomes just this for you too, and not just an occasional high you are in search of constantly. 

Pure replenishing bliss IS at your fingertips!  

Get started below by signing up for my 6 Week Private Coaching – Sensational You – where during our weekly 1-1 calls, you’ll jumpstart your bliss journey by honing in on the big themes and things that are holding you back from feeling blissful and creating a life you love at this moment.  

Also join me in my Private  Facebook Group – The Burst Into Bliss Circle™ – where I host live trainings, share free printable resources, and love on a community of women just like YOU who are taking the first steps to reconnecting to their bliss and creating a life they love. 

If you haven’t had an astrology, HD, or Tarot Reading yet by me. This is a great place to start, and is highly recommended before or while working with me in any way. 

It’s an important tool to get clear on who you are designed to be. 

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Private Coaching

1 Hour coaching call every week for 6 weeks. 

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Hi I’m Stefanie.  I’m an NJ blissful living coach for 6 figure mompreneurs who want to reconnect to their bliss in their personal development path or businesses.

I’m a homeschooling mom of 2, a modern mystic and 11 year serial entrepeneur.

I’ve been married for 12 years to my soul mate Eddie and we’ve been able to create a wonderful loving, successful and luxurious life together. 

I’m a Libra Sun, Cancer Rising  and Pisces Moon – and I pour nuturing, balance, beauty, and magick into everything I do. 

“Reconnect to your bliss & create a life you love." ™

– Stefanie Puente