Hello beloved

I’m Stefanie and I’m so overjoyed that you’re here. 

Here’s a brief overview of who I am and how my path has led me to creating this site and all of the offerings I have for you . . . 

I’m the youngest of 3, and an old soul. So old even that when I decided to incarnate into this life I decided that I needed to have very much older siblings than my own age – 15 & 16 years older to be exact.

Growing up I had a pretty interesting and creative environment drenched in a rhythm of seeing my father create art (in spite of his mental illness),  and attending church surrounded by Christian spirituality with my mother multiple times a week  (even though it was a very strict cult – it was still a wonderful first connection to God and source). 

Our family was very poor, on government assistance,  and such  – but our home was still filled with a very deep love and spirit of perseverance.  As a daughter of a first generation latina in the USA, I had a deep fire to become my greatest version and make my family proud. So I excelled in school in the low income city we lived in, and found an emotional outlet through dance and singing. However, during my last year of study I was unfortunately led astray by peer pressure and on a quick downward spiral… 


A very caring & observative psychology teacher –  realized I was a self led, sort of learner – who needed more than just dry facts, but a REAL “reason” to be interested in things academically. He fed me “living” books, similar to the Charlotte Mason style (if you’re a homeschooler reading this); and in that process I developed an interest in psychology, leadership,  discrimination (my father had done much community work here), and a deep love of learning. 

This first coach helped me fill out applications for college – and before I knew it, I was graduating from college with a degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology – with honors, and so much pride. 

Sadly my mother who was on low income assistance at the time, to my surprise, and most abruptly -could no longer  keep me under her roof… 

And so I found myself living out of my car, and crashing in a friend’s basement apartment for a few days praying for help. 

I felt like I was trying to survive and ‘feel’ myself through a deep darkness  ALL OVER again – even though I was no longer a child.

At that very same time I met my husband (and twin flame), who like an angel helped me find an apartment – and get back on my feet. 

Spirit had not abandoned me and I was being led and loved to the next place I was meant to be. . . 

A few months later we got married, and a year later I became a mom. With my son I found myself needing emergency surgery to remove my appendix while being 5 months pregnant. 

To say that I was petrified is still putting it lightly…  

It was during that horrible painful experience that I met my first spirit guide, an African American Nurse and Ancestral Woman – who closed the door to the room I was in, and prayed fervently over me – after covering her head all in white… 

I was on bed rest for 3 months which felt more like an eternity and TORTURE than actual “rest.”

I was used to such a chaotic pace of survival, hustling and lack… but spirit wanted me abide in a new different pace, way of being –  and to be molded NEW. 

Even if the transition felt nauseating at first. 

One of my spiritual mentors visited me at home while on bed rest, and also helped me come to terms with the awakening and transition I was under – but not yet even fully conscious of yet…

She lovingly fed me words of encouragement, books, and a dear sisterly relationship when I had none and truely needed it the most. 

After I gave birth to my son, I eased into motherhood, breastfeeding – fretting about all the things like cooking. 

I was not the attachment parenting, mindful mother –  I am today, and I slowly grew into her…

I decided to start an event planning business from home to earn some income while staying home with my children. I started by repurposing  items from my baby shower, and then renting out items from my son’s first birthday as easy, bespoke, high-end party packages. 

I recouped the costs and then some and decided to continue to repeat this pattern. 

After 6 years as a freelance event planner, while raising my 2 babes, I decided to go back to school to pursue my dream of becoming a professor. 

After my first year in the program  (and my son going through various experiences in public and priviate school pre-k…) I realized that what I had ‘thought’ the educational system in America really was like – was actually a deeply different & vastly disturbing reality. I saw the problems both in the high and low levels of the educational system I was in as a TA and a mom with preschoolers. 

I found myself at a crossroads –  on whether or not to homeschool my now 2 children (one of whom I was starting to see had similar learning needs and preferences to my own). 

In the summer of 2014 I decided to homeschool (you can read more about that journey in my homeschooling page here: bliss homeschool), and in choosing to do that – it set in motion a fast paced series of spiritual awakenings and healings.  

Homeschooling revolutionized my philosophies and approach as a parent and educator. It also unveiled further gross truths about the government (yet another kind of awakening). 

Afterwards we set off on a physical 3D physical healing journey with my son which lead to transforming our diets, detoxing,  and healing our bodies, minds and spirits – both individually and as a family. 

The last unfolding took place with spirituality and religion. During a reiki session a friend blessed me with, while in the midst of our healing path – I was able to  connect to my ancestors and really start the path towards following a nature rooted, intuitive faith… based on ancient traditions and mystic arts like: astrology, divination, tarot, meditation and energy work as well as discovering my intuitive gifts; and new systems like HD & Gene Keys.  

Despite all of the growth and process I still felt like something was missing and I just could not maintain a constant heightened state of bliss like I desired. I was awakened but also deeply sorrowed and feeling as an empath all of the energies in need of healing on the planet.  I felt exhausted, spent, and lacking energy… with this new consciousness and awareness of what responsibility as lightworkers we have to rise up, share our gifts and do what our soul’s work is. 

Reconnecting with my ancestors and spirit guides, while doing practical and magickal self loving steps through various months helped move the needle forward towards a bliss centered lifestyle. But it was actively choosing to dwell in a bliss state and stepping into my goddess power that kept me there.  

I replenished myself back to bliss through goddess self care, constantly pouring back into myself so that I could show up how I needed to in the world. I invested into myself and my spiritual development.

I transformed into a new person. 

I restored myself back to bliss and discovered you can choose it no matter what – and it’s always accessible to you… 

Yes, even if you have struggles all around you — you can choose to dwell, in hope, faith, peace and unshakeable bliss beloved. 

The first step is stepping into gratitude RIGHT NOW. 

Gratitude for being here with me  in this moment, and for every thing no matter how small… like 

+ The earth beneath your feet in support of your steps…  

+The sun shining on your face… and 

+ The wind caressing your hair…

Its that simple.

Choose to Make it Blissful & simple.

Continue to take the first steps in this direction by joining me for a 6 Week Private Coaching Session or one of the other opportunities I offer below.

You can read yet a bit more about me further below … 


More About Me


Puente is my spiritual name meant to represent the bridge I ‘ve been called to be for others –  in helping them step into their new spiritual path and journey towards creating a more blissful life. 

I’m also a recovered alcoholic, who during college chose to “numb” my “shadow,” inner child, and deep seated loneliness –  in this way.

I have been sober since 2007. 

All of my experiences have shaped me into the coach that I am today.

A few years ago I found myself helping others walking through similar life situations and issues that I had also once experienced… 

One day it became unequivocally clear that it was my purpose to become a coach and offer packages and services for those who needed support in their  spiritual life & or soul aligned  business path.  

I’m so looking forward to connecting deeply with you. 

In love & bliss,