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Cancer Gift Giving Guide for the Holidays

Cancer the MOONCHILD & MOON Goddess.

Cancer is ruled by the moon and is represented by a crab who can walk both on land and underwater. Similarly, cancer women can explore the depths of both realities with the same ease.

The crab can walk sideways and can use all kinds of action- and SEEing to consider many different angles for problem-solving.

Because of that, they are not as jolted by changes in the environment, life stage or circumstances like most people, even if they are clingy (or bond deeply) to people.

In that area, it’s another story!

Cancer also represents the 3 phases of the Moon, and of womanhood – Maiden, Mother, Crone.

These women often have very deep wisdom they have been gifted with from the moon to help navigate each stage easily, wisely and healthily – without having to do much studying or pondering.

It’s an innate gift that they channel or are encoded with to embody each of these archetypes throughout their life to the world as they move through them.

Jewelry with emblems of the moon – or an animal totem statue that has been blessed are all wonderful gifts depending on where they are in their spiritual path, or what they might need a reminder of from their loved ones…

Because Cancers are SOOO in touch with their feminine flow, they are also deeply psychic when on their menstrual flow. They can manifest most powerfully in their life and business during these sacred times.

Give your Cancer the gift of a Red Tent Gathering or book to help her grow in channeling this divine power.  

Cancer sometimes gets a bad rap for being moody and crabby… but she is just deeply sensitive, a natural empath – and under the deep emotional psychic influences of the moon.

She’s also probably feeling and reading ALL the information in the water she is made up of and consumes!

Water has energy and if you’re a cancer clearing & charging your water before you drink it – is essential to help with this.  

Cancer is a water sign and therefore is also naturally clairsentient for this reason.

She feels all the feelings (and auras of the people around her) so – boundaries, shielding, self-awareness, and time to process things – are very important.

Gift her things like a meditation series, a Reiki session – or Chakra wand with crystals representing them each, she can use to align and clear her energy regularly (this energetic maintenance looks more frequent for Cancers than other non-lunar intense signs!).  


Ruled by the moon cancer has a luminous appearance physically, not only just in her loving spirit.

She loves having a restful, soothing, beautiful abode to rest and recharge in because she needs it – AND she knows the incredible healing power this container can provide for her children, family, and friends.

Cozy decor for the home or luscious fabrics to wear – whether that’s fluffy socks or a snuggly throw pillow – helps cancer feel restful, and at peace.

Other gifts that would also help cancer ground and channel her powerful psychic downloads (many times appearing in sleep, or after having visitors over…) are moon cycle books or an ephemeris daily guide. 

This can help her forecast the daily energies of the moon, planets and any transits that could also influence her emotionally.

You can either print these out for her and into a lovely binder or purchase them.

If she’s initiated into Human Design or Gene Keys… you can also provide those for her so that she won’t have to gather them for the coming year <3.

With the sign cancer it’s always about the caring little things done with love and thought… and not necessarily a large sized or fancy purchase.

Having any of the water signs in your chart whether, rising, sun or moon – can feel like a very strong OCEAN WAVE sized PULL.

Keeping the energy and look of the home is so important to cancers that chances are – she’s very much into Feng Shui or any modality that helps her keep the vibe and order high.

Organizational tools, home blessing gifts, or supplies are also wonderful as well as any objects they might be shopping for to fix a difficult Feng Shui spot in their house.


If your cancer enjoys movies… gift them an empowering woman flick they can cozy down to, and feed their fire of inspiration, motivation, and energy in their business.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Joy with Jennifer Lawrence
  • The Intern with Anne Hathaway
  • Big Eyes with Amy Adams

Check out my business boss lady movie line up series, next month on my business page BLISS LIVED by following me here:

These 3 movies here are the firsts in the lineup I will be sharing there, along with my thoughts on what the biggest business takeaways are – that you can apply to your life and business. 


Cancer rules the breasts and nurturing in a maternal way. As well as the amazing, flowing and nurturing act of breastfeeding our children.

If your cancer is breastfeeding, buy her something that can help her stay comfortable. Everything from a body pillow, a plant she can put next to her chair, or a frame with a quote.

Self-care is very important because of the delicate nature of cancer’s body.

Balancing periods of work with also deep periods of rest and restoration are crucial for her success!

Skincare is also important to keep that beautiful glowing, lunar skin of theirs hydrated and healthy with good quality – sans toxic chemicals, creams, and massages.

Help cancer pour back into herself too through a lunch & spa day, or a weekend calm trip to a not so heavily populated place.

She gives a lot of herself to her friends and family and could use a gentle nudging reminder to mother herself too.


Bedtime Pajamas or lingerie (if this is your partner or love interest) are also great gifts.

Cancer feels empowered by tuning into her femininity, and there’s something so empowering about wearing kick-ass, beautiful and well-fitting lingerie JUST BECAUSE you’re that goddess.

Make sure it looks decadent and luxurious – but also comfortable because this is important.

If cancer is like an overflowing river, think of it like this… tight-fitting clothing is like restricting her flow in the body, just like a tightened up, blocked water hose in different places.

It’s not only painful and uncomfortable – but any tightness on the body will interfere with her overall wellbeing.


Gifts that promote rest like a soft night light, art for the bedroom, or an essential oil diffuser with oils such as lavender, help promote sleep and are wonderful.


Cancer loves to entertain at home and provide a warm and nurturing space vs. adventuring out.

Gift her items in a comfort food sort of theme while also being health conscious.

A basket of fruit, a breakfast medley in a lovely bowl with a heartwarming message – or a set of candles she can light throughout the house, are all hygge cozy (which she loves!) and inviting to her.


Hand create a cozy home wreathe imbued with love and lovely decorative details in the theme of her home, or gift her a workshop you can go to together to – to create a living wreathe full of witchy herbal plant magic (some gardening and local spiritual shops may offer this).


Cancer governs the 4th house that also represents your first childhood home and the memories you have of it… your parents, neighborhood and neighbors.

It also represents real estate, legacy, traditions passed on through oral narratives (everything from lullabies, stories your parents start to tell you about your earliest years you may have forgotten, and stories of your ancestors).

The 4th house also represents your ancestors watching over you and your aura and your energetic HOME expanding in power, creativity, and spiritual connection.

If your parents are religious and you attend church, the spiritual house of worship is also an extended sort of home for you that helps build your personal foundation.

If your cancer loved one is interested in genealogy, gift them a family tree book – genealogy reading, or book.


If they are interested in real estate and creating long term legacy and wealth in this way – look for something speaking to that.

This is a gift area for them that ties into the same energetic theme of creating a solid, secure and rooted home in our life, as we travel through the journey of life through the astrology zodiac signs.

See you tomorrow for the next zodiac sign in this series. 

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